Project Manager, Storyteller, Serial Un-packer

Jerry Gtichel, FounderFor more than three decades Jerry Gitchel has been making technology work for Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurs. Jerry jumped into the digital revolution the day his boss dropped off a cardboard box on his desk and said, “Here’s your new computer, learn how to use it, then you can teach me.” Jerry has been teaching, consulting and speaking about technology ever since.

Jerry has a special knack for helping business owners and professionals address the overwhelming challenges and frustration brought on by the digital age.


Depending on your objectives, he’ll personalize a presentation or 1 on 1 coaching program on issues ranging from developing a comprehensive marketing plan, to assembling the perfect digital toolbox for sales professionals, to developing a seamless personal brand online.

Meet Jerry Gitchel

Project Manager – Jerry started his career at 15, managing landscaping and lawn care development company. It’s where his passion for logistics and project management was born. He honed his PM skills while serving as a Navy SeaBee,(CB – Construction Battalion). Long before there were mobile phones he served America in Mobile Construction Battalion 23. In a world of TMI and chaos, Jerry creates focus, awareness, success.

Storyteller – Jerry has been telling stories long before the word  “narrative” became popular. It started at an early age. Jerry left home when he was very young. He was six months old. The story of that adventure became the first addition to a rich library of  memorable stories that leave readers and audiences enthralled, amazed, inspired.


“Jerry has a gift for storytelling. Where other professional speakers struggle to infuse meaning into their presentations,  Jerry’s life journey allows him to bring rich, inspiring experiences to both large audiences and intimate gatherings.”
Clare Dreyer, SPHR

Serial Un-packer – The world of technology is complex, confusing, confounding. It changes at 8:15 each morning, exactly in the moment we log into the cloud. Jerry takes it all in, embraces the complexity, researches the challenge,  unpacks the truth, creates leverage.

Deacon Thom Winninger, CSP, CPAE

“Each time I work with you, I’m amazed at how you un-pack the complexity of tech to to help guide us forward. “
Deacon Thom Winninger, CSP, CPAE


Jerry invites you to use the links below to learn more about creating Your Digital Leverage:

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