Art of Digital Leverage Podcast – Episode 002

In today’s episode Jerry shares the secrets he used to quadruple Meetup attendance at 57 Degrees in San Diego, Ca.

The best way to grow your meetup is by sharing its value to prospective attendees. Here are some tips you can put to use immediately to grow your Meetup community.

  • Publish your next event immediately after your current event.
  • Create a compelling invitation that includes learning objectives, presenter bio and photo.
  • Send a personal invitation via the channels your community prefers. Invite your presenter to include them in the conversation.
  • The process of event management starts with Save the Date and ends with Celebrate. Get the conversation started by posting a comment containing what your are most excited about.
  • Engage your community by asking questions like, “What would you like to learn?”. Invite your presenter to respond.
  • Capture both closeup and crowd photos. HSP, (Happy Smiling People) compels future guests to attend your next event.
  • Invite attendees to post comments, sharing what they learned and how they will implement from your valuable Meetup.


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About the author

For over a quarter-century, Jerry Gitchel has worked with companies who want more customers and less technology. His project management expertise helps successful companies create a path of engagement from lead generation to satisfied customers. Have a question about creating your digital leverage? Give Jerry a call: 858-220-0499

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