Beware of Bright Shiny Objects!

You’ve identified the goal, targeted the right audience, you even know what they need. Last question, “What do you want them to do!” For many online campaigns this becomes the scene of the accident. Either the link points to the wrong place, (never your home page) or you’ve added a link creating a distraction. After moving heaven and earth to get them to the right place, don’t blow it by giving them a bright shiny object.

In this edition of the Art of Digital Leverage learn why we remove all links that lead away from the primary objective. Don’t offer links to social, or alternatives. Watch this podcast to learn how to get them to check out, learn more. register.









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About the author

For over a quarter-century, Jerry Gitchel has worked with companies who want more customers and less technology. His project management expertise helps successful companies create a path of engagement from lead generation to satisfied customers. Have a question about creating your digital leverage? Give Jerry a call: 858-220-0499