Can We See You Now?

Can We See You Now?

In my Linkedin Pulse article, “Mobile-Friendly, Scam or Wake-up Call?” I outline the two schools of thought surrounding the Google Mobile-Friendly challenge. No doubt in my mind, it’s a scam. I just hope you don’t write off the whole thing. It is indeed a wake-up call, either for you or your competitors.

Here’s what’s next:

  • Visit Google using your mobile device.
  • Search for words or a phrase you know is on your site, then answer these basic questions.
    • Did you appear in the results?
    • Does Google’s “Mobile-Friendly:” blessing appear under your link?

If you appear in the results, congratulations! You are mobile-friendly. Now take it to the next level. Can visitors read, navigate and do something useful from their mobile device?

Questions? Give me a call  858-220-0499

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For over a quarter-century, Jerry Gitchel has worked with companies who want more customers and less technology. His project management expertise helps successful companies create a path of engagement from lead generation to satisfied customers. Have a question about creating your digital leverage? Give Jerry a call: 858-220-0499

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