When “Call Now” is Your Call To Action (CTA)

When “Call Now” is Your Call To Action (CTA)

It’s encouraging to see businesses adding phone numbers to not only their websites, but individual pages. Even better is the Call Now invitation as your Call To Action (CTA). The question is, can your prospect respond to your invitation?

Click-to-Call Link

If your phone number is embedded in an image, the answer is definite maybe. The only way you can know for certain is to put on your customer hat and check it out. The majority of phone inquiries come from mobile devices. If you’re not receiving the number of calls you expected, try this.

Visit your site and view the invitation containing the phone number. Tap on the number. If a popup appears offering to dial the number, great! If you get any other result, you’re missing a Click-to-Call Link. A properly formatted phone link allows prospects to connect with you instantly. Here’s the difference between a web and phone link:

  • tel:+1800229933
  • http://yoursite.com

The format of the phone link includes the country code plus your number. Simply have your web professional create “Click to Call” links any time you want customers to give you a call from their mobile device. Use the link below to learn more.


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