Effective Linking – Are We There Yet?

Effective Linking – Are We There Yet?

Remember how the kids (or when you were a kid) asked that annoying question right as you pulled out of the driveway? Nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants instant gratification, especially with our ability to deliver using a hyperlink to create digital leverage. I just visited Facebook, read an event invitation then clicked the registration link. I landed on their home page and had to wander around a bit until I figured out the next link to click.

Why did they make me go the long way around?

Lucky for the organizers I really wanted to know more. By the time I got there I forgot why. ┬áNow that everyone is using a mobile device, it’s all about immediacy. Adding even one click could be one too many. Here’s some ideas you can use to simply cut to the chase:

  • Display Clear Signage – Anchor text is the visible word or phrase that describes where to click and what’s going to happen next. The phrase Register Now better lead to a registration form. Learn More promises value. If you don’t deliver, don’t bother.
  • Deliver the Shortest Route – Dropping me off at the curb is lazy. Do that and you can expect me to kick you (and your event), to the curb. Create links that lead directly to the final destination.
  • Don’t Leave Me Hanging – If someone signs up for your event, first thank them, then offer to show them around. Craft a confirmation page the celebrates their commitment to your cause, then offer them links to additional content they may find of value.

If you create a link for your name, make sure it leads to an About page. If someone asks about podcasting at a networking event, give them a direct link to your published information on the topic.

Imagine the boost in productivity we would have if we just got people where they were going. Especially if they arrived at your cash register.


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For over a quarter-century, Jerry Gitchel has worked with companies who want more customers and less technology. His project management expertise helps successful companies create a path of engagement from lead generation to satisfied customers. Have a question about creating your digital leverage? Give Jerry a call: 858-220-0499

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