How We Work

Susan Van Hooser, Partner – Leaders Ought To Know

“Jerry is my go-to guy for all things web related. From the numerous projects we have worked on together, I know Jerry always brings sound solutions and a step by step plan to every project. He is a bulldog when it comes to managing a project — always ahead of time on delivery and execution.”

Digital Leverage – Project Engagements

Our simple logo represents more that our brand. It tells the story of where we have been, what we have accomplished, where we are headed.


Big Blue Box

We start each engagement with an analysis of  what’s inside your Big Blue Box. It contains both your challenges and your technology tools. Next we work to create more focus by eliminating unnecessary tasks. We lighten your toolbox to free up capital. You get maximum leverage and an immediate increase in your technology ROI.

The Lever

If you just had a longer lever, it would be easy to lift your company to the next level. Truth is, your company doesn’t have unlimited time, people or resources to solve problems or pursue opportunities.  We leverage the available resources you have, because you have all the technology you need.

Bright Yellow Fulcrum

Look closely and you will see a broad base rising to a sharpened point. The point of maximum focus. Once we’ve lightened your load and removed tools you don’t need, we develop a strategy to shift the fulcrum closer to the challenge inside your big blue box.

Thorough research, impeccable planning, swift execution. This is how we became Susan’s Go-to guy.

Ready to create your digital leverage? Call direct: 858-220-0499

Digital Leverage – 1-on-1 Coaching

We arm and train road warriors. The days of, “I’ll send that to you when I return to the office.” are over. So is cold-calling, gatekeepers and sales pitches that start with, “What do you do here?”

Mobile, everywhere computing has changed everything. Immediacy has become essential  to a successful sales process. We coach sales professionals to operate inside your prospects decision loop. Almost immediately your people arrive exactly when needed, armed with the right information, prepared to close the sales cycle faster. Ready to deliver digital leverage to your team? Call direct: 858-220-0499

Digital Leverage – Presentations

Meeting professionals use terms like, “Hit it out of the park!” to describe the results from Jerry’s, Art of Digital Leverage Keynote. Attendee’s enter the ‘No Jargon Zone” to hear Jerry use his unique Kinda-Lika communication tool to relate complex technology concepts in a way light bulbs appear over everyone’s head.

If your group or organization is ready for a presentation that bans the word “Cool” and delivers actionable information with humor and clarity, Call direct: 858-220-0499. Let’s discuss how Jerry can help your organization create digital leverage.

On a Personal Note…

Jerry left home when he was six, six months old. In addition to his Digital Leverage keynote he inspires audiences everywhere with his gripping true life story, Why I Hate Chicken Pot Pie.  It focuses on the role of caring adults and the resiliency of a 5th grader during his 3 weeks ordeal when his parents left him home alone.

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