Networking Follow Up – Are You Hard of Listening?

Networking Follow Up – Are You Hard of Listening?

I’m responding to all the “Great to meet you!” emails I received from the One Spark “World’s Largest Live CrowdFunding” event. Many attempted to engage by written invitation. Not all of them worked. If you’ve ever been invited to a party somewhere you’ve never been, you will immediately identify with this problem.

You receive an invitation, the directions are not clear, so you give them a call. Since the host already knows where they live, the instructions leave out key information, “Turn at the 3 light, no wait, the 4th light.”

Some of the follow up invitations I received invited me to sign up for an event that’s not even scheduled. One gave three different ways to learn about their company. In the age of mobile engagement, providing clear directions spell the difference between a prospect making the party or choosing to stay home.

Provide Clear Virtual Instructions

Follow The Path – For your party you would drive the route to your house to make sure you didn’t miss a turn. Do the same for your prospects. Put on your customer hat and “walk this way”.

The Shortest Distance – That shortcut to your house, “the back way” may not be the best way. Work to eliminate all the twists and turns to create direct path of engagement between prospects and your company.

Give Me a Sign – Your virtual invitation must not only set, but deliver on my expectations. If you invite me to do something, it had better work. If it doesn’t, my expectations of your firm’s capabilities drops.

Instant Gratification – Mobile delivers immediacy. Promising your pet a future dog treat doesn’t work. What makes you think I’m going to remember to “Come back for a visit.”

The best time to consider your networking follow up strategy is before the event. Good networking is more than follow up, it’s follow through.

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